Large Hay Feeder Litter Tray (Painted)

Large Hay Feeder Litter Tray (Painted)


Our Hay Feeder Litter Trays help to ensure your rabbit has  constant supply of hay with its generous hay rack.  The addition of the combined litter tray helps keep everything tidy.


The top lid of the Hay Feeder Litter Tray is removable so that hay can be easily refilled. Similarly, the litter tray can be removed for easy cleaning and re-filling.  


This is the large Hay Feeder Litter Tray which can accomodate two large rabbits with room to spare. 

  • Product Info

    Length: 60cm


    Width: 58cm


    Height: 38cm

    Please select which colour you would like and leave a note in the comments section when purchasing and we will paint your hay feeder litter tray.