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Enrichment is important to the psychological and physical health of your rabbit. A stimulating environment will encourage positive behaviours and help discourage inappropriate behaviours in the home and enclosures.

An environment lacking in stimulation can lead to boredom, frustration, depression and intestinal disorders.

A rabbit that has an interactive environment is more likely to be active and at less risk of obesity, sore hocks, flystrike, arthritis, and calcium sludging.

Rabbits in the wild display many natural behaviours that our products at Hoppy Homes help to replicate in a domestic setting.

Natural behaviours of the rabbit include, digging, tunnelling, periscoping, exploring, hopping around, and interacting with the environment and other members of the family (human or furry!).

All our products allow for exploration, our houses and platforms allow for a raised area for periscoping, and our tunnels and maze replicate time spent in warrens.

A range of enrichment items allows your bunny greater control of the interactions in the environment, and we all know that bunnies love to be the ones in control!