Our Background, Our Mission

Here at Hoppy Homes we aim to create fun, safe and high quality products to enrich your rabbits space; providing stimulation and fun activities. 

The three founders of Hoppy Homes have had pet rabbits for many years including rabbits from a younger age or rabbits we have adopted much later on in life. Our own rabbits are currently Bonney, Pippa and Bertie who you can see featured on our website using our products. We started making products for our own rabbits in around 2017 and we love designing new products for them and seeing an excited binky when we bring new wooden creations into the home for them to enjoy. 

Because our rabbits love our products so much we have decided to sell them in the hope that other rabbits can experience the fun. 

All our products are handcrafted and made to order. We only use materials that are safe and have been environmentally and sustainably sourced.There is nothing harmful used in our products and it is safe for your rabbit to chew (as they sometimes like to do!). We also take great care to smooth over all edges so there's nothing sharp to cause an injury to your rabbit (or human family members).  


We love seeing images from our customers whose rabbits are enjoying our products. Please send them to us a hoppyhomesbuilds@gmail.com for us to feature on the website or tag us on social media.   

In addition to our products we aim to increase the knowledge of welfare standards for rabbits. Our blog is written by a registered veterinary nurse with over 7 years experience of treating rabbits. We hope to provide useful and informative posts which will be of interest to our site visitors and increase rabbit welfare knowledge. 


We are adding new products and posts all the time so please check back regularly.


We provide free shipping to the UK. We also ship to Europe for a charge of £15 for one item and £5 for each additional item.