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  Hand Crafted Fun For Small Furies  

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Looks like the new Hoppy Homes hay feeder & litter tray has the seal of approval from Mags and Freddo ... That you so much Hoppy Homes for our delivery, what an amazing little company you have

Great bunny stuff from great bunny people

High quality products with great customer service

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About Us

Here at Hoppy Homes we aim to create fun, safe and affordable products to enrich your rabbits space and to provide stimulation and fun activities. 

All our products are handcrafted and made to order. We only use materials that are safe and have been environmentally and sustainably sourced.


We are a family run business that started by creating toys, houses and hideaways for our own rabbits. We now make products for rabbits all over the UK to enjoy. We love seeing images from our customers whose rabbits are enjoying our products.  


We are adding new products all the time so please check back regularly.

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